2 Signs You Need Work on Your Transmission

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A car truly is an amazing piece of machinery, and it is amazing that with a gallon of gasoline you can go for miles and miles at such incredible speeds. Every time that you get int the car you are relying on all those parts to work properly, and if something goes wrong it can put your and other's lives in danger.

One of the major parts of your car is your transmission. Not many people know what a transmission even looks like let alone what a transmission does. However, the transmission is one of the most integral parts of you vehicle, and is responsible for allowing you to go through the different gears. It is very important for you to be able to notice when you need to have your transmission fixed, so here are a few different signs that you need your transmission worked on. 

Shifting Gears

The easiest thing to look for when it comes to your transmission is the ease at which your car is able to shift gears. it does not matter if you have a a manual transmission or an automatic transmission problems shifting through your gears is a very good indicator that you are going to need to get your transmission worked on.

If you notice that once your car is in a gear that it takes a little bit to actually engage, you need to see a mechanic immediately. You may also notice that there is a jerk or snagging when putting a car into gear, that your car shifts gears for no reason, or that it actually falls out of gear while you are driving. If you experience any of these problems it is likely that you need transmission repair.

Unusual Noises 

When you are driving your car make sure that you don't always have your radio blasting as noises can be a key indicator to what is going on with your car. If you hear some random noises you may have some car problems. When it comes to your transmission be specifically aware of the noises that your car makes while you are shifting gears, but also while your care is in neutral.

If your care is making noises while shifting gears then you know that it is time to take it into a shop like Karry's Automotive Service Center. However if you are hearing a clinking while in neutral it is also possible that your transmission is on its last leg.