2 Major Ways You Can Adjust Your New Truck for Your Senior Parent

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If you are buying a new truck and your senior parent often rides with you, you can choose to have things added to the truck that will make it easier for them when getting into and out of the truck. Below are two of these things to help you get started.

Running Boards

To help your parent get up into your truck with ease, as well as to get out when they get home, you should have running boards installed. A running board is a narrow step that is fitted under the side doors of your truck. It runs along the length of the truck so your parent can use it if you have a four-door truck. Some people choose to have running boards installed for aesthetic purposes also.

There are different types of running boards you can choose from including:

1. Lighted running boards: Lighted running boards have lights on each end. They immediately turn on when the door is opened. This is beneficial if your parent often rides with you at night as it allows them to see while getting into your truck.

2. Molded running boards: Molded running boards are molded from a UV-resistant, durable polymer. They also have aluminum baseboards to add even more strength to them. These are a good choice if you ever plan to custom paint your truck as they are textured and ready for a coat of pain.

Running boards also allow you to keep your truck clean as people can wipe dirt off their shoes on the running board before climbing in.

Handicap Steps

If you do not want to have running boards installed on your truck, you can choose to install handicap steps instead. These steps are usually located under the passenger side door and can be pulled out when they are needed, and then pushed back in when your parent gets into the truck. They are not noticeable while you are driving down the road.

These steps are generally made of a metal tubing with a polished, black or chrome powder finish. You can also have these steps painted to match the color of your truck, if preferred. They are strong and durable so they can last the lifetime of your truck.

Visit a manufacturer that sells and installs running boards and handicap steps. They can go over the installation process with you, as well as give you more details about each of them.