Four Petroleum Services You Cannot Do Without Extensive Help

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Petroleum services refer to all of the services typically managed by oil companies. As one who owns several classic automobiles, you should know that these petroleum services are not anything you could do on your own, nor should you. Here are the services you need for your vintage and classic automobiles.

The Addition of Lead

Lead is directly linked to cancer and diseases of the brain. It poisons the body, and your liver has a really difficult time removing it. While you can buy canisters of lead replacement fuel additive, your vintage cars run better on their original leaded gasoline. Ask an oil and gas company where you can purchase leaded gasoline for your vehicles. This prevents you from coming into contact with this lethal toxin directly, while still providing your car collection with the fuel it needs.

Oil Changes with High Performance Oils

High performance engine oil is often created in limited batches and sold to race car drivers and racing companies. You cannot reproduce high performance oil, even if you know how it is made. If you have recently altered the engine of a restored racing vehicle so that it accepts high-performance oil and unleaded gas, contact the oil company or a racing company and request some of this oil for your vehicle.

Modernizing Engines to Run on Vegetable Oil or "Corn Gas"

Newer vehicles that you want to update with alternative fuel engines require fuel made from fermented corn. The problem is, some owners of cars that use alternative fuel think that they can dump corn oil in the tank in lieu of the special gas created by alternative fuel companies. All that does is completely gum up the engine and then kill it. Avoid that mess by finding out where the nearest alternative/corn fuel pumps are before you attempt to change your vehicle's engine to alternative fuel.

Fueling the Rest of Your Vintage Car Collection

Vintage car collections are fun. However, it can be a challenge trying to find all the correct fluids and fuel for each individual vehicle. If you get stuck and you are not sure what to put in your tank, do not create your own substitute fuel or mess with toxic chemicals trying to get the next closest thing. Petroleum services from many of the big name-brand fuel companies like Nelson Petroleum are just a phone call away. Representatives can look up the information you need.