Safety Tips For Towing An RV Trailer With Electric Brakes For The First Time

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Towing a trailer with electric breaks behind your RV can quickly turn into a dangerous situation if something goes wrong. And, if you have never towed a trailer behind a large vehicle before, then it can be a scary proposition. For both your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road, below is a list of tips to ensure you will tow a trailer behind your RV like a professional from your first trip onward:

Tip: Understand How Electric Breaks and Break Control Units Work Together

When towing a trailer behind an RV where both the RV and trailer have electric breaks, the braking function of the trailer is controlled electrically by your RV. To allow the trailer's braking system to access the RV's electrical system, you need to use a brake control unit. The brake control unit plugs into your RV's dash and allows you to monitor and control the braking rate of the trailer. When you are going downhill, you can make the brakes more sensitive, and when traveling on flat ground, you can make them less so.

Tip: Take a Trial Run Around Your Local Area

Rather than hooking up your trailer and taking off on vacation, instead, you should hook it up and then take a trial run around your local area. Try to simulate vacation travel by driving down the highway, in town, and on a rural road. By taking a trial run nearby home, you can both gain some practice pulling a trailer, and you can easily fix problems that would otherwise be a hassle to fix out on the road.

Tip: Downshift Instead of Braking When Possible

As you are driving your RV, it is important that you downshift rather than riding the brakes whenever it is possible. Downshifting saves your brake drums and pads from unnecessary premature wear. Downshifting also takes pressure off of the trailer hitch and helps you slow down more smoothly and prevent jackknifing your trailer.

Tip: Reach Out to a Professional When Necessary

Finally, it is very important to note that if you have any questions or concerns about pulling your trailer behind your RV, then you absolutely must reach out for some professional help. Many unnecessary accidents happen each year because vacationers overestimate their towing skills and inadvertently roll their trailer or crash their RV. Rather than letting an accident ruin your family's vacation and putting their health at risk, instead, consult a professional at your local RV or mechanic's shop.

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