Three Questions To Ask Before Your Clear Car Bra Installation

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If you're about to get a clear bra installed on your car, listen up. You can't just show up with a car that's been driving through a dust storm; you have to prepare the car and be sure that the procedure the shop uses is one you're comfortable with. By asking three questions when you schedule your appointment, you can make the installation go more smoothly, in some cases, literally.

Verify the Method of Cutting

The clear bra is a film that has to be cut to fit your car. Most installation shops use plotters and other computer-aided cutting to create film pieces that exactly match the panels on the car. The technology is now so good that these pieces fit pretty much perfectly.

Sometimes the film has to be custom-cut if the software does not contain a needed model of a panel or can't render one. Custom-cutting can be dicey because the way the edges are cut depends on the skill of the tech doing the cutting; sometimes you can end up with rough edges on a custom-cut film piece. But custom-cutting should not be necessary for most panels.

Find out Who Should Wash the Car

Your car needs to be clean and dry at the time the film is installed, so who is responsible for washing it? Some shops will take care of this for you, ensuring that the car is up to their standards of cleanliness. Others request that you wash the car. If you're responsible for washing the car before bringing it in for the clear bra installation, be sure you get every spot and bit of dirt. And then be sure you dry the car thoroughly. Don't rely on air-drying as you drive from the car wash to the installation place; choose either a full-service car wash that will dry the car for you, or bring several clean cloths with you if you use a self-service car wash or wash the car at home.

Double-Check Warranty Information

Even at the best of shops, there can be an issue with installation. Maybe the car wasn't as clean as it could be, or it hadn't been completely dry at the time of installation. Double-check the warranty information and see what the procedure is if you need to have the film reinstalled due to circumstances stemming from the original installation. If you notice anything looking amiss with the film, bring it back to the shop as quickly as possible.

Don't risk having dirt trapped under the film or having your car look odd after the installation. Find out how to prepare the car and what to do if there's a problem before your installation appointment date.

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